Origin of English word VEX

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The word VEX is addressed in the entry: VIA

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the alleged Indo-European “root” is wegh (to go, transport). The Latin via means a way or road; בוא [V]oWE is to come or enter -- Genesis 7:7.  The two words part ways, so that VIATORS are wayfarers in English and באים   BAeeM are those who have arrived in Hebrew.

A related Edenic etymon for VIA is ב-ה Bhet-Hey, as in ובה עדה  “OOVaH G H aiDaH” translated "thereby shall I know" in Genesis24:14, but it might also be rendered "by way of this shall I know." ב-ו   Bet-Vav,   בו BoaW, also means "by," "of," or "by means of."


Beside the many BY and WAY words and phrases, English retains Latinate terms like VIA, MEDIA and VIATICUM. Latin via is a way or road.

An extension of בוא   (V)oaWE or BoWE is הביא   HayBHeeYE (to bring in, lead in). This could lead us to the Indo-European “root” wegh (to draw, to go) Some of the many English words cognate to VIA via this root include: ALWAYS, AWAY, CONVEX, DEVIOUS, ENVOY, FOY, HEAVE, INVEIGH, OBVIOUS, PREVIOUS, TRIVIA, VECTOR, VEHICLE (French vehicule), VEX, VOGUE, VOYAGE, WAG, WAGON, WAIN, WAVE, WEIGH and WIGGLE. Another cognate is CONVEY; Cain and Abel CONVEY or "bring" offerings to the Lord in Genesis4:3.4 –    ויבא VaYaBHayE and הביא HayBHeeYE.   See CONVEY.

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