Origin of English word VINE

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[(G)-PH-N → VN]




Latin vinea (vine) is related to Greek oine (vine); the alleged Indo-European “root” is vinum (wine). The AHD adds, "Latin noun, related to Greek oinos (wine). “ Probably from a Mediterranean word win or woin meaning 'wine.'" The "Mediterranean" euphemism is the closest some Western scholars can get to admitting that a word is ultimately from Semitic.  Science now has established that agriculture began in the Middle East (whether or not primates knuckle-walked out of Africa a gazillion years ago). In fact, Noah, the “man of the earth” who disembarked in Eastern Turkey, first planted a vineyard (Genesis 9:20) to drown his survivor complex.
The WINE term behind Greek “oin” words is י-י-ן Yod-Yod-Noon,   יין  YaYiN  (wine - Genesis9:21). Besides the   י-ו-ן Yod-Vav-Noon root of fermentation seen at “FENWAY;”

י-י-ן Yod-Yod-Noon is easily made into Greek vowels + N.  See EON for a similar Yod being rendered as a Greek vowel. VINE demands a bilabial-nasal etymon, and the Biblical Hebrew VINE is     גפן GeFeN - Deuteronomy8:8

It may be acceptable that the  פ-נ   Phey-Noon becomes the VN of English.  But how does the Gimel . /G of גפן GeFeN just disappear?  It doesn’t disappear in languages like French, where VINE is vigne.  The French G is not pronounced, and is dropped from vin (wine). But that G is the    ג Gimel of a M213 metathesis from the Edenic גפן GeFeN.  The bilabial-nasal does appear to be the essential sub-root, reversed, as seen in   ענב [A]NaBH (grape). More below. 


The יון   Yod-Vav-Noon root of fermentation is at “FENWAY;” here one can see how Edenic   יין YaYiN, along with Greek oinos or Chinese yun (all meaning wine), are from twists of our bilabial-nasal vine.   Other Frenchwords from the Edenic grape vine, retaining that ג Gimel/G include vignoble (VINEYARD)  and vinaigre  (vinegar) source of VINAIGRETTE and VINEGARETTE.  Cognates of VINE at Indo-European “root” vinum include OENOLOGY, OENOMEL, VINACEOUS, VINEGAR, VINI- and WINE (like Italian vino).

 An OENOPHILE is a wine lover.    Irish fine is wine or a grape.  Reverse the FN or VN for ענב  [A] N ah(V) (grape, berry – Genesus 40:10) and   ענף [ A]NahF (branch, bough -- Leviticus 23:40 ). Also relevant to the VN of VINE are בן BaiN (branch) and   אפון APHOON (pea - a possible FN relative of the BEAN and of VANILLA.). Spanish vaina is the podlike capsule of the VANILLA BEAN. See VANILLA is one prefers the color of the bean to its shape. French grape harvest is vendanges.

The "grape" or "bean" of the sea is the oyster's pearl.   פנינה PiNeeYNaH (pearl -Laments4:7; Proverbs8:11) is strikingly like the Samoan pearl, penina.  The interiority of these PN words are at PENETRATE.

Old English ifig, source of IVY, another VINE, may be a reversal of the GF in גפן  GeFeN.   (Tao) wahn is a vine in Thai. Gaelic wine is fion.

Saul Fox of Foster City, CA adds the following about the N-vowel and vowel-N of NOAH and OENOLOGY (the study of wine):

* Noah – after the flood planted a grape vine, and made wine (Genesis 9:20).

* Ano -- a hero of Basque legend who brought a vine with him in a boat from afar.      Ano is the Basque word for wine.

 * Noya -- a similar legendary figure of Galicia.

 * Oannes -- a merman of ancient Sumeria who taught civilization to mankind.

 * Ino -- a sea goddess, nurse of the ancient Greek wine god, Dionysus

* Orestheus -- in Greek myth, the first planter of the grape vine, after the flood sent by Zeus to punish mankind's evil.  [No N-vowel in this name, but a clear  retelling of the same Deluge recorded in Genesis. The wine detail is better than in the Babylonian flood epic of Gilgamesh.]   Intoxicated in Hawaiian is ona.

See PANIC for another   פנ Pey-Noon/ PN or FN botanical term.

Bible Verses

Deuteronomy 8:8 ארץ חטה ושׂערה וגפן ותאנה ורמון ארץ־זית שׁמן ודבשׁ׃

“a land of wheat and barley, and vines and fig-trees and pomegranates; a land of olive-trees and honey;”



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