Origin of English word VIRGO

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The word VIRGO is addressed in the entry: BACHELOR

English Word


Edenic Word


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[BKR → B-CH-L]


young or unmarried man


BACHELOR is a young, unmarried man or woman, also a BACHELORETTE. Middle English bacheler is allegedly from Late Latin baccalarius,  the vassal of a farm.  The ultimate acceptable etymon is then Latin vacca, cow, where these “cowboys” or allegedly young farm apprentices got their name  Even this strange etymology is Edenic, since vacca is from בקר BaQaR (cattle) – see BUCKAROO.  But it is suspected that BACHELOR is not a cognate of BACCALAUREATE.  It is unlikely that BACHELOR could refer to women and to marital status, if it was orinially a cowhand term.

BA­CHELOR might be rescued from a barnyard  etymology by בחור BaKHOOR (young or unmarried man - ISamuel8:16    This bilabial-guttural-liquid term for young man or woman, BaKHOOR/aH (first appearing in Deuteronomy 32:25), only requires a common liquid shift, Resh-to-L.

בכר BeyKHeR, a young male camel (Isaiah 60:6), might be involved in the farm apprentice above.    בחורים    BiK[H]OOReeYM means youth.


Young, cream-of-the crop youth recall בחר    BaK[H]aR (select),    בחיר   BaK[H]eeYR (chosen)      and   בכורים   BiKOORiM (first fruits).  At Deuteronomy 32:25, the  בחור BaK[H]OOR is spefically compared to a BiTOOLaH or virgin. This reinforces the idea that a BACHELOR is a young, unmarried man or woman, and not a farm hand. In fact, the VRG of VIRGIN could come from Bet-Het-Resh after an M132 metathesis and shifts: BKR → BRK → VRG.  There is no Indo-European “root” for BACHELOR or VIRGIN, but Webster’s  cites Latin virgo, a maiden (another sex-specific term that doesn’t fit males, just as a young farm vassal .did not fit young ladies).  BaK[H]OORaH, a BACHELORETTE, is only an M132 S-B, S-G away from VIRGO.

 Polish bachor is a  child, sprout or kid.   RW suspects that the Welsh boy, bach gen ,  is a בחור BaKHOOR .

A more sprout-like approach to VIRGIN is at FORK.

Bible Verses

I Samuel 8:16 ואת־עבדיכם ואת־שׁפחותיכם ואת־בחוריכם הטובים ואת־חמוריכם יקח ועשׂה למלאכתו׃

“And he will take your men-servants, and your maid-servants, and your goodliest young men, and your asses, and put them to his work.”



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