Origin of English word VIRILE

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Latin viris a man; the alleged IE “root” is wiro (man).

The initial Gimel has been dropped in   גבר Ge[V]eR, a man, as in "gird up thy loins like a man" (Job38:3).   גברי Ga ] V [ ReeY means male-like or manly; גבורה G ] V [ 'OORaH is strength, might or heroism.  גביר G[V]eeYR is a lord or master.  See CRAFT.

The waters of the deluge    גבר Ga[V]aR, “prevailed” in Genesis 7:24.

See below for the  בר    Bhet-Resh shifting liquids to VL.

For the   ג-ב Gimel-Bhet sub-root of height, see GIBBON and GYPSUM.     אביר ABHeeYR means brave, strong, mighty; the noun means a mighty hero – see BARON. 

The built-in opposite of   ג-ב-ר Gimel-Bhet-Resh maturity is   ג-ו-ר Gimel-Vav-Resh, GOOR, the vulnerable young of wild beasts (Lamentations 4:3).  The young lion (GOOR) or Genesis 49:9, however, infers manly courage.

  גבר    Ge[V]eR may be broken up into two elements.    The  ג-ב   Gimel-Bhet element of being high

(mighty and with the upper hand) is seen at GIBBON.   The   ב-ר Bet-Resh element of a man of substance   is seen at BARON. See the W-R words below, ultimately from   אביר ABeeYR (knight, hero – Genesis 49:24).

 YJS adds that   בר   BR  denotes distinction , see entries like  BARE and BRIGHT, so that the   אביר ABeeYR  and   גבר    Ge[V]eR    are men distinguished by their power  and  VIGOR (see VIGOR)  . בריא BaReeYE means  health, (originally meaning “well fed.”)


גבר Ga[V]aR, the verb,  is to be strong or to conquer. CABALLERO (a Spanish gentleman or knight) and CAVALIER may be related, as   גבר Ge[V]eR also means a warrior. Various nuances of CAVALIER (haughty, carefree, gallant) appear in the Hawaiian  גבור GeeBOAR (hero). Kupu'eu means hero, wondrous one, scamp and rascal.  In Kamilaroi, an Aborigine language from southwest Australia, a native man is a giviir.   [RW]   Welsh wr is a man.

Cognates of VIRILE at Indo-European “root” wiro  (man) include LOUP-GAROU, TRIUMVIRATE, VIRAGO, VIRTUE, VIRTUOSO, WEREWOLF, WERGELD and WORLD.

PREVAIL above is the KJV translation of   גבר Ga[V]aR.  It is thought to come from a fabricated Indo-European “root” wal (to be strong), and Latin valere, to be strong.  WL is a mere liquid shift from     גבר Ge[V]ER and      אביר ABHeeyR (see above), so all the cognates of PREVAIL have been overpowered by the Edenic   ב-ר  Bhet-Resh sub-root.  Irish fer is a man or husband.

Latin valere, to be strong (immediate source of some of the cognates below), is but a liquid shift away.  Those cognates include:  AVAIL, CONVALESCE, COUNTERVAIL, EQUIVALENT, INVALID (not valid, and the ill person), OBLAST, VALENCE, VALETUDINARIAN, VALIANT,VALID, VALOR, VALUE and WIELD.

In the Iroquois words for “man” spotted by RW, note  how the only near-constant is that Gimel-Bhet/G-BH is shifted to KW (GW in one). Otherwise the liquid in the  M312 metathesis  of  גבר Ge[V]eR shifts to L or goes silent. Only the Mohawk has a nasalization :

 Mohawk: Ro n KWe, Oneida: LuKWe, Onandaga: he:GWeh,

Seneca: hoKWe, and Tuscarora: Re:KWeh.

Bible Verses

Job 38:3 אזר־נא כגבר חלציך ואשׁאלך והודיעני׃

“ Gird up now thy loins like a man; for I will demand of thee, and declare thou unto Me.”



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