Origin of English word VOLCANO

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English Word


Edenic Word


Hebrew Word



Tahf-Vav-Bhet-Lamed + Koof-Yod-Noon


Tubal-Cain (name)




Long before Star Trek science fiction, VULCAN was the Roman god of fire and metalworking.  Vulcan is the source of fiery words like VOLCANO.

In (Genesis4:22) תובל-קין   “Tubal-cain” is the founder of metallurgy.

Drop the first syllable, and the Hebrew בל-קין VahL-QaYiN makes the connection obvious.

]Eight years after writing the above, I found out that Sir Walter Raleigh, and others, agreed that Vulcan-words are from TuVal-Cain.  Linguists conjecture about borrowings as if anything is Genesis could not possibly be historically true.  What is so difficult about the father of mettalurgy growing from a legend to a “god” by the same people who made a god of their ancestor Japhet (JUPITER)?


תובל-קין TOO[V]ahL-QaYiN lost his TOO syllable, but English gained over a dozen words, from  VOLCANIC to VULCANIZED rubber.

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