Origin of English word WOMAN

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English Word


Edenic Word


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[WR-H-M → WM]


woman, damsel


The only etymology offered for WOMAN is Anglo-Saxon wif (female) + mann (a human being, man). The AHD has no alleged  Indo-European “root” for WOMAN or WOMB or WIFE. It is easier to hear an older English “womb person”  or womb (mann) become the modern word WOMAN, that to believe that a word like wif-man  became WOMAN.   The typical male chauvinists behind English who even called a “queen” after a hole (see QUEEN at NOOK) were more likely to see women as walking wombs.  In Edenic, אשה EESHaH (woman) is simply the feminine of איש    EESH, a man.  ר   Resh can be spelled WR, see WRONG. רחם ReK[H]eM or W(R)e[K]HeM can mean a woman or "damsel" (Judges5:30). Elsewhere, רחם W(R)e[K]HeM means WOMB (Genesis29:31).


Mukira means woman in the language of the Raramuri natives of the Upper Sierra mountains of Mexico.  Mukira is an M321 or reversal of רחם ReK[H]eM (woman, womb).

Mukira is defined in a lexicon by the Spanish mujer – another M321or reversal of רחם ReK[H]eM (woman, womb). Spanish J can be from a ח Het, like junta (together) from חד  Het-Daled (one).

Webster's links Latin venter (belly) to "womb" via the Indo-European base wend-ri (M132, S-D). If they are right, WOM(B), too, is from בטן BeDTeN (belly, womb – see   VENTRICLE). Otherwise, the German wamme (womb) points to    רחם Re[K]HeM  (womb - Genesis 49:25).

More R-to-W shifts at WALK.   Woman’s maternal instinct, the womb, taught us   רחם RaK[H]eM (to have mercy – I Kings 8:50 . See MERCY and CLEMENCY.

Bible Verses

Judges 5:30

“‘Are they not finding, are they not dividing the spoil? A damsel, two damsels to every man; to Sisera a spoil of dyed garments, a spoil of dyed garments of embroidery, two dyed garments of broidery for the neck of every spoiler?’”



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