Origin of English word WORM

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[ RMH]




Latin vermis (worm) is traced to IE “root” wer - 3 (to turn, bend).

  ר   Resh can be rendered as WR as well as R, so that רמה  ReeMaH or  WReeMaH is a WORM (Isaiah14:11). רמש   RoaMayS is to creep or crawl; Aramaic  RaMSAh is evening.  These add up to the fact that many worms are night crawlers.  Rather than the initial W dropping, one might prefer to see the  ר Resh becoming WR, as seen in WOMAN and WRONG.

The lowliness of the רמה  ReeMaH is contrasted by the   ר-מ   R-M exaltedness seen at RUM.

Conversely, YJS adds that worms propel themselves by lifting their midsections.  ר-מ   R-M words mean throwing and raising up.


רמה   ReeMaH is also to lie or cheat (Genesis 29:25), so there is something serpentine, sidewinding and insinuating about WORMING one’s way into another’s consciousness.  A lying cheat or a secret subversive, even in computers, is called a WORM. The Sanskrit worm is krmi. It’s Gujarati descendant is garam (worm) .  Both Dravidian worms shift the ה Hey to a harsher guttural, to precede the ר-מ R-M sub-root, rather than to follow it.

Cognates of this term at the Indo-European “root” kwrmi are CRIMSON (see CRIMSON) and KERMES.

Another Biblical worm (also in Isaiah14:11) is the תולעה TOAL[A]yaH or (S)OALayGHaH. This worm and cloth term may provide the source of SILK. Cognates of WORM at IE “root” wer include VERMEIL, VERMI, and VERMIN.    To see why this worm which dangles from a filament has a  ת-ל T-L element, note תלה    ToaLeH (to suspend -- Job 26:7). See  ATLAS.   The second ,  לע   Lamed-Ayin element, means chewing (YJS) . לוע   Lamed-Vav-Ayin  means a jaw, speaking rashly (jawing) or chewing/swallowing (Proverbs 20:25).

Adding the two elements for another double-root,  the תולעה TOAL[A]yaH (caterpillar) is the “suspended chewer.”

  For a different kind of worm, see “SILK.”

Other small insects could be named with רמה   ReeMaH . Consider the reversal to M-R in the following words for “ant:”  Danish, myre; Dutch mier; Norwegian maur and Swedish myra. (RW)

Bible Verses

Isaiah 14:11 הורד שׁאול גאונך המית נבליך תחתיך יצע רמה ומכסיך תולעה׃

“ Thy pomp is brought down to the grave, and the noise of thy viols: the worm is spread under thee, and the worms cover thee. ” (KJVR)



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