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[TS-V-R → WR-ST]


WRIST, WRESTLE, etc. is from Old English wraestan (to twist),  from the Indo-European “root” wer - 3  (to turn, bend). Webster's cites Old Norse reista (twisting).  After the neck (see below), the best human twister is the WRIST.

For VR or bilabial-liquid Edenic etymons which better serve many of  the alleged cognates of this huge and confused Indo-European “root,”  see entries like ABERRATION, VEER,  and WRATH.

 For RV, RW words of twisting and striving see- "REEVE' and RIVALRY."

The Edenic etymon offered in the heading above assumes that  the ST of WRESTLE indicates a Tsadi/TS.  The VR or WR could then come from Vav-Resh/VR.   

צור TSOORis “to turn,” so that צואר TSaVahR (neck) means “that which turns.” (EDK)   The built-in antonym is צור TSOOR, to straighten.

Every  דור  DOAR, generation, gets its   תור TOAR, turn in line. See dental-liqud benders at TURN.

If the bilabial-liquid-dental of WRIST should be traced for a “turning” word, we can reverse the source of TURBO-.    טרוף DTaROOF (beaten up, mixed up) is turned on its head, dental-liquid-bilabial to bilabial-liquid-dental.  Iit provides a better source for  the many ‘cognates’ in this “root”  like VERTIGO (dizziness).

WR can come from just a Resh/R, so also to consider is

ציר   TSeeYR  --  to twist or turn like a door hinge (Proverbs 26:14).  Related by a liquid shift is a Tsadi-Yod-Lamed word,   אציל ATSeeYL, joint,  in Ezekiel 13:18. 

If one doesn’t like all the twists in the given etymology of WRESTLE, there is also the Resh-Tsado of   התרוצץ   HeeTROATSayTS, to struggle together, push one another (Genesis25:2). 

The ST in WRESTLE is barely heard.  WRESTLE could be more of an R-S word.   Reverse RS for שר  SahR (to wrestle)  or     שרך SayRahKH (twisting its course - Jeremiah2:23).


Many of the AHD’s “cognates”  cannot be correct.   But because several possibilities for the Edenic source are offered above, some of the AHD’s “cognates” are relevant. These include: Words with –VERT and  -WARD, like INVERT and INWARD,  WRANGLE, WREATH, WRENCH, WREST and WRINKLE.

Mistaken “cognates” here are found in entries like DIVERGE, WORM” and WRONG.

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Vitamins for Hair   7/6/2012 4:23:00 AM
In Arabic the word for wrist is wrisgh strangely similar.

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