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WRONG is said to derive from Old Norse rangr (crooked, wrong) and the Indo-European “root” wer (to turn, bend).

WRONG may be a nasalized רע   R[A]h, Resh-Ayin, which could be rendered WRahGH.  רע Resh-Ayin is usually translated as "bad" or "evil," although the tree in Genesis2:17 is better rendered "the tree of the knowledge of right and wrong." For ר    Resh /R becoming WR, see WORM.

Theologically, ther difference between evil and wrong is discussed below..

  Going from bad to worse, גרוע GaROO[A]h is worse ;  and    גרע GaR[A]h means diminished (Leviticus 27:18).


Norwegian “evil” is arg, a metathesis of Resh-Ayin  רע Ra’GHah (wrong).

The theological implications here are immense. The Hebrew Bible is centers on right and WRONG choices of a person.  The Greek Bible, and the theologies that informed their translation (interpretation) of the Hebrew Bible, see the existence of “evil” – which exists independently of Man. Unlike WRONG, EVIL is the province of a malevolent Satan or Devil, a celestial being in competition with the God of good.  This diminishes personal choice, and borders on the dualistic idolatry from Platonic, Manichean and Zoroastrian traditions.  (SaTan is only a verb in the Pentateuch, the only source of Jewish theology.  The non-Jewish Job is very late; his Satan, a prosecuting angel, is a dramatic metaphor.)

The Polish form of גרע GaR[A]h Gimel-Resh-Ayin is gor szy    (worse) .    

One form of the Ashkenazik Resh-vowel - Ayin appears in the Rumanian word for “malignant”: rau. Another is  reoh (bad) in Salibabo (a Malay language).

רע  Resh-Ayin  (bad, wrong) is a negative, like that other liquid-vowel, לא LOa or Lamed-Aleph (no).  Even if the WR here emerges from the ר   Resh (as documented  in WALK,) there is something  crooked about bilabial-liquid-guttural words. S ee BREAK and FREAK. In Shanghai, “bad” is wah.

Bible Verses

Genesis 2:17

“but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it; for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.”



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