Origin of English word YOUNG

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sucking child


YOUNG is linked to German jung and to a theoretical Indo-European “root” yeu (vital force, youthful vigor).   The AHD cites Germanic terms like jugunthi, and the Old English geong to mean young.  The Germanic needs an M132 metathesis from   יונק YOANeQ, the Edenic youngster, while the Old English involves the soft G confusion, available from Yod/Y.  Edenic offers an etymon that fits both English YOUNG and Latin juvenc(us) and juvenis (source of JUVENILE). The Hebrew Yod/Y is often rendered as a J . (    יואל YOA-EL becomes Joel).  The Hebrew Vav is versatile enough to allow Latin and the Romance languages to get a V, while Germanic tongues may read it as the vowel O. 

The remaining N and K of the captioned Edenic term pose no problem.

  יונק YOANeQ, readable as  JOVNeQ,  is a "suckling child" in Numbers11:12. As such, the child is יונק YaNaiQ (sucking or YANKING away) while the mother is הניק HayNeeYQ (giving suck - Genesis21:7).


Cognates of YOUNG at Indo-European “root” yeu include GALLOWGLASS, JUNIOR, JUNKER, JUVENOCRACY, REJUVENATE and YOUTH. YOUNKER and JUNKER (from "young" terms in Dutch and Polish) are closer to the original Hebrew than YOUNGSTER. YOUNKER (a young lord) is not a bad etymon for those privileged babes of history, the YANKEES (Americans). There is no known origin for YANKEE.  The Hebrew   י Yod/Y also reappears as a G or a vowel. Children is umeak in Basque.Ying is a Chinese baby. Gone is a Fijian child.   A child is a gye(r)mek in Hungarian, and an anak in Indonesian. Getting back to our earl Semitic roots, a she-camel who gives suck is an anaqate in Assyrian. The llama, a cameloid of the Andes, is a wanaqe in Quechua. Young in Ukrainian is yanak.

Bible Verses

Numbers 11:12 האנכי הריתי את כל־העם הזה אם־אנכי ילדתיהו כי־תאמר אלי שׂאהו בחיקך כאשׁר ישׂא האמן את־הינק על האדמה אשׁר נשׁבעת לאבתיו׃

“Have I conceived all this people? have I brought them forth, that Thou shouldest say unto me: Carry them in thy bosom, as a nursing-father carrieth the sucking child, unto the land which Thou didst swear unto their fathers?”



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