Origin of English word IGNITION

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English Word


Edenic Word


Hebrew Word







[NG → GN]


glow, shine


Latin ignis, Sanskrit agnih, and the alleged Indo-European “root” egni means fire. These are initially behind an ancient god of fire, and the name AGNES.  NoaGaH means to glow, shine, be bright (Isaiah9:1) or brightness.  In Isaiah 4:5  the shining is of fire, while elsewhere in Isaiah the word refers to the brightness of morning light.  The reversal of Edenic Gimel-Noon to GN is widespread. Perhaps because there are few Gimel-Noon words in Biblical Hebrew.  That ancient fiery GN deity  is echoed in the use of NOAGaH in the Talmud as the planet Venus.   For guttural-nasal warmth, see K[H]auM (hot) at CALM. נגה NaGaH, the verb of shining, is at GANOID.

Marcus Jastrow, the priemier lexicographer of Talmudic Hebrew, adds that נגה NaGaH is “to burst forth” as well as a word of brightly shining.  This bursting forth better recalls IGNITING.


Cognates include AGNI, IGNEOUS, ind IGNITION. Rusian agon and Polish ogien mean fire.  Ogon  is fire in Bulgarian. Basque  su is fire, a reversal of AiSH (fire – see ASIA )  but a Basque GN word,  egun,  means day (when it is bright and hot).  Similarly, in the Mayan dialect of Morti ekin means sun and day. Czech fire,  ohen. recalls  [K]HaM (heat; sun – see AMITY).   The Edenic Het-Mem heat word is a reversed cousin of NoGaH, because both contain a guttural and a nasal.

Picking up the GN spark further afield,  Igink is an Eskimo hearth. Close to Hindi fire (agni), guni is fire for the Malay dialect of Javanese.

Bible Verses

Isaiah 9:1 העם ההלכים בחשׁך ראו אור גדול ישׁבי בארץ צלמות אור נגה עליהם׃

“The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light; they that dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined.” (Alternative versions: Isaiah 9:2)



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