Corruption of Words through Nasalization

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By Isaac Mozeson

How could it be that the world is still speaking the language of Adam and Eve, and doesn't know it? The answer lies in simple forms of language corruption like NASALIZATION, when extra nose-sounds, N's and M's, appear in the middle of words and disguise their historical roots. The most common word in the English language, for instance, is AND. AND is a corruption of an earlier "and" term seen in French and Latin ET (and). The Latin grandad is ultimately from Hebrew patriarch OAD (further -- also the source of ADD). Even Semitic terms are nasalizations of Hebrew. The Arabic nose is ANF instead of AF, and the pig is a KHANZIR instead of KHAZIR. Aramaic ANTE (you) is clearly a later corruption of AT and ATAH (you - source of French TU and English THEE and THOU).

Even venerable peoples like the HiNdus were originally the HoDus (see the opening line of the Book of Esther). HINDI, INDUS, INDIA, INDIAN and INJUN show you how far a term can stray from its original HD source. WHile biblical roots have not corrupted, Jews have nasalized names like Ya'akov into Yankle. Yiddish, German and French speakers have nasalized the double-T word for "aunt" into TA{N}TE. Those older, less corrupt terms like Czech TETA (aunt) and Finnish TATI (aunt) ultimately come from Hebrew DoDa (aunt -- the Dalet looks like a T and often gets pronounced like one).

The Anglo-Saxons nasalized Hebrew AKeL (crooked) into words like A{N}KLE, A[N]GLE, ANGLE-LAND, ENGLAND and ENGLISH. Can you link these dozen nasalized words to their Hebrew origin? A[N]TIQUE, BA[M]-BOO, BU[N]T, DA[N]CE,HA[N]KER, NY[M]PHET, RI[N]SE, SHA[M]POO, SHA[N]K, SI[N]K, SPA[N]K, and WRO{N}G. The answers are: ATiQ (ancient), ABooBH (pipe, reed, knotgrass -- it shouldn't surprise you that this source of PIPE, FIFE and OBOE entered the Malay version of Edenspeak), Ba'AT (to strike at), DaTZ (to leap, rejoice), HaKeH (to anticipate), NoEPHeT (adulteress -- I include the suffixes for the extra -et/-Toph effect), RaHaTS (to wash), SHooPH (to rub, polish), SHoaK (leg), SUaKH (to bend down), SaPHaK (to clap or strike by hand) and RA or RaGH (evil). If you got at least two right, then you have a nose for finding nasalizations.

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