The Tower of Babel

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By Isaac Mozeson

tower of babel

The Tower of Babel
Origin of Language Diversion (See Genesis 11)

Why a Tower of Babel?

The Chinese and the Mayans, not just the Hebrews, have ancient lore about a single, universal language that was diversified or “confused.” The oldest written such “myth” is Genesis 11. The text speaks to an eternal question, “Where did language and the many different languages come from?”

Genesis 11 has the language spoken at Eden (thus “Edenic”) being diversified at Shinar or Sumer. The world’s relatively small human population was huddled together in fear of another Deluge. A powerful tyrant emerged, Nimrod, who had everyone build a huge ziggurat, step pyramid, so that people could climb up to safety were there another tsunami-like disaster.

This tower was built near the much later site of ancient Babel (Babylon, present day Iraq), so it was called The Tower of Babel. More than defying the Creator by surviving a Flood, Emperor Nimrod wanted a centralized tower to focus the state’s authority. This is much like the Kremlin. No one 10,000 miles away in the U.S.S.R. could lift a hand without an order from the Kremlin authority back in Moscow.

The godlike Nimrod and his state controlled every human alive. This threat to Divine authority was much more than a mere skyscraper to scrape against the Heavens. (Like a shallow translation suggests.)

Therefore, the fitting reaction to an attempt to make the entire world population march in lockstep was to diversify the once universal language. No longer could a dictator dictate to all.

Kim Jon Il’s dictatorship is limited to Korean speakers.

The tower builders couldn’t understand each other. The tower, and one-world-government idea was abandoned.

Is Breaking Up Hard To Do?

Archeologists have traced millions of “borrowed” bricks from many miles around to an immense ruin. The step-pyramid design not only then went to Egypt, but to Central America as well.

How could this be? The same reason that there are elephants in Africa and in India – which are not close together.

But they USED to be close together. When the Earth was one “Dryness,” a single continent, that herd of elephants may have been initially divided by a river. But the break-up of the Earth, begun by the Deluge, set off a Continent Drift (which is ongoing). So the elephants didn’t move – the Earth did. Humans often didn’t have to migrate thousands of miles – the earth did the splitting up for them.

The “Bering Strait” theory is absurd and unnecessary. The submarine first revealed vast undersea traces of how the continents have moved. A child cutting up a world map could tell you where Africa and India once touched, why fauna and flora in Equatorial Africa is so much like the Amazon, or how little the step-pyramid builders in Egypt had to travel before finding themselves in what would become Central America.

The geological breakup parallels the linguistic one. There was a Big Bang at Babel, when one tower builder suddenly spoke Proto-Germanic, but his fellow suddenly only understood Proto-Australian. Like Continental Drift, language breakup into dialects would be ongoing. Historical linguists therefore think it’s only natural that a single global language would become 6,000 languages. When in doubt, simply add zeros to the number of years it would take in today’s rates.

Genesis 11:1 states the Monogenesis of Language theory, which only recently, has been accepted by most scientists examining new evidence: “All the world was of one language, and with a unique vocabulary.”

See the magazines in the “Resources” at the end of this essay, to follow how this ancient Genesis thesis finally won scientific acceptance.

DIVERSITY: The Creator’s M.O.

Genesis begins with light and darkness separating, waters and dryness dividing, even the separation of a male-and-female human into two separate human sexes (Genesis 1:27). The Earth break-up in alluded to in Genesis 10:25. The break-up of languages, in Genesis 11, meant Edenic being spun off into the 70 proto-nations mentioned earlier (in context of genealogies) in Genesis 10. Before they were ur-nations, they were groups of people happy to find other, say Proto-Dravidian speakers (close to Sanskrit), and they emigrated together from Shinar to found what would later be called the Indus River civilization in present-day India.

Sanskrit then devolved into eleven Dravidian languages.

All this diversity was planned, whether or not The Tower of Babel sounds like a reaction to Nimrod. An Eternal knows the future, and plans accordingly.

Edenic letters and words were made to diversify. Many letters, like Bet, Het, Kahf, Ayin, Pey, Tsadi, Shin and Tahf have two or more ways to be pronounced.

It can be a challenge to trace them all, but the vast human vocabularies can be sufficiently traced back to the relatively small, and economical Proto-Hebrew vocabulary of Eden.

See the “DIRECTION” chart below.

Humans and animals were likewise given all the genes they needed to adapt and diversify. Only recently have biologists established that all races, all nations of Mankind, are from a single woman (mitochondrial “Eve.”) Noah’s ark could only fit one pair of proto-canines. But they had the genes to allow for the wolves, foxes, hounds, jackals, etc. and the 100s of breeds that humans would facilitate.

The Neuro-linguistic Science of Babel

Is the Tower of Babel scenario physically possible? Could people actually have their languages changed by some electro-magnetic disturbance or etc. that rewired the Control Panels of our brains?

The brain’s ability to switch languages is far beyond current medical knowledge. The dismissal of the Tower of Babel scenario as myth reflicts an incomplete awareness of neuro-linguistics..

We don’t yet know how glossolalia can happen (Speaking in tounges), but it is documented that humans can speak unlearned languages.

In a Telegraph (UK) article of April 15. 2010, a scientist examined a Croatian girl who inexplicably woke up from a coma speaking fluent German

He adds, "There are references to cases where people who have been seriously ill and perhaps in a coma have woken up being able to speak other languages – sometimes even the Biblical languages such as that spoken in old Babylon or Egypt.”

Scientists Think Man Emerged From Africa - Should NOT The First Language Be African?

Speech is not about hominids, but modern homo sapiens. Anthropologists agree that agriculture began in Israel and Jordan some ten thousand years ago. If you find a language without agricultural words, you are welcome to call it pre-Edenic. The oldest human set of remains ever found with the hyoid bone (in the throat) for speech was unearthed in the Carmel Caves near Haifa, Israel. The hyoid is the bone stuck in the throat of Edenics deniers. All the hard evidence points to Proto-Semitic being earliest. We are only a few decades past the time when it was taught that everything good came from dead white men from Greece and Rome. It is expected that some old school Eurocentrists will defend Atheism and Classicism from this book’s brash assault.

Amid the fractious skullduggery of anthropologists digging up skulls in Africa and Asia, nobody has found an older skeleton with a hyoid bone anywhere outside of Semitic turf. The burden of proof is on scientists to prove that actual speakers, not just tool-using knuckle-walkers, might have begun civilization and literacy somewhere other than in the Middle East.

Below is a list of the forms of Daled-Resh-Khaf from the “DIRECTION” entry in the E-Word CD Dictionary. You decide if there may be something to Edenics, or if this is a bunch of lucky coincidences and unknown borrowings. Chaos or Control.

Any Bible concordance will confirm that ד-ר-ך Daled-Resh-Kahf has all the meanings below.

All roads lead from Babel

Any bible concordance will confirm that Daled-Resh-Kahf ד ר ך has all the meanings below.

Here is an example of what happened to Edenic DeReKH ד ר ך – Dalet-Resh-Khaf.

You’ll see that only Dalet-Resh-Khaf (Biblical Hebrew DeReKH) has all the “genes” for the global diversity of its Tower-of-Babel spin-offs.

1) Dalet: D and T are “dentals” or the interchangeable tooth-made letters.

2) Resh: R and L are “liquids” or the interchangeable tongue-made letters.

3) Khaf: G, H, K, Q are “gutturals” or the interchangeable throat-made letters.

Language Meaning       Spelling of similar
dental-liquid-guttural term
                 ד ר ך


(way, manner, journey, road)




Arabic (highway, way) Ta Ri Q
Afrikaans (road, path) Di Re K
Albanian (way, road) Ru Ge
Australian (paths) Tu Ri(n) Gas
Australian (straight, direct) Thoo R Gool
Basque (street, road, reversal of kali) iL aK
Breton (manner) Doa Re
Chinese (way) Dau Lu
Czech (track, course, way) D Ra Ha
Dutch (a long journey…TREK) T R eK
Dutch (direction) Ri CHting
Finnish (roadway) rev. ajorata aT aR oJa
Gaelic (journey) Tu Rus
German (through, by way of)
(source of THROUGH,
Old Irish (through) T Re
Welch (through) T RWy
Indonesian (direction) aRa H
Indonesian (manner, way) Tja Ra
Japanese (journey) Ryo Ko
Japanese (fashion, manner) Ryu Ko
Japanese (road) Do Ro
Japanese (street) To Ri
Korean (manner, way) Ro Khe
Korean (reversal of kil, road, street) Li K
Latin (to direct; whence DIRIGIBLE) Di Ri Gere
Latin (journey; whence, ITINERANT) iT eR
Malay (direction) aR aH
Malay (way, reverse of cara) aR aC
Malay: Bouton (road) Da Ra
Old English (reverse of rad, a road)
(source of RAID, RIDE and ROAD)
Da R
Old French (reverse of rote, way, path)
(source of ROTE, ROUTE, ROUTINE)
Da R
Old French (reverse of route, way, road)
(source of RUT)
eT ouR
Old French (track, way, course)
(source of TRACE, TRACK…
T R aC
Persian/Farsi (way) Ra H
Polish (course, track) To R
Polish (way, road, manner) D Ro Ga
Russian (road, way) Da Ro Ga
Serbian (road) Lu Ka
Spanish (right direction, straight) De Re CHo
Swedish (way, cognate of German Weg
and English WAY, Resh shifts to V,W)
Va G
Telugu (way) Da Ri
Thai (direct, straight) Dt Ro Hng
Ukranian (to direct, or drive animals) D Ro Czyt
Ukranian (road) Do Ro Ha

This list has to be kept short. Otherwise it could run into related terms like DaRahKH, to tread, which would lead to the Greek source of TRUCK and TRUDGE, and so on…

Scrambled, metathesis forms of DeReKH, like Turkish DoGRu (straight), and Irish/Gaelic RuTHaG (path) were left out in favor of only those in perfect dental-liquid-guttural sequence.

Other imperfect but notable entries include Italian DiReZione (route, trend), German RiCHTung (route, trend, way... source of RIGHT) and “directory” words like Albanian Drejtori, Italian DiReezione, and Manx oRDaGH .

The list above is remarkable for the many forms of DeReKH that kept the dental-liquid-guttural sequence of the original Edenic.

Scrambled forms of ד ר ך DeReKH (way, manner,) include Faroese and Icelandic HaTuR.

More RG and RK terms related to LaiKH (go) and ReeGaiL (to explore, tour, go on foot – see “WALK). If you know some similar sounding way/road word in a language not listed above, please send it in. The 23,000 words treated in the e-word CD Edenic data base are not as developed (yet) as “DIRECTION.”

But in a more discursive dictionary style, not charts, words are treated for their sources and cognates.

Ciaran   3/5/2021 7:41:00 PM
I got it now. Nimrod wasn''t planning anything. He thought the firmament would fold because he seen hazardous objects entering the atmosphere of earth & thought if stars are falling the firmament won''t hold. I''ll leave it at that

Ciaran   3/5/2021 4:57:00 PM
What was Nimrod planning? I''ve done a little research . . . I''ll keep it myself . . . For G_D to confuse one speech means he was up to something . .

Ciaran   3/5/2021 11:24:00 AM
This is great. Totally different to what I had thought. Obviously Hebrew has more insight because Nimrod wasn''t building a tower towards heaven as I had thought with the english translation. It was after the first flood & also with the firmament in the midst of the waters maybe they were trying to get up to touch the waters like you said "High ground if a tsunami hit" WOW I have learned alot. Thanks

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